Crossed Pistols Wall Display


A 12” x 17” wall-mounted tribute to the Military Police Corps with crossed Harper Ferry Pistol replicas and maple base.


A 12” x 17” wall-mounted tribute to the Military Police Corps.

The Harper’s Ferry Pistols commemorative wall display are cast from an original 1807 U.S. Marshal flintlock pistol, one of only hundreds still in existence today. The full-sized and hand-painted 3D polyresin models showcase every historical detail, from the wooden handle and ramrod to the flintlock hinges and gunsmith inscriptions on the barrel.

Each display features two non-firing replica Harper’s Ferry pistols mounted in the style of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps insignia.

A lacquered maple base makes for a stunning addition to any collection. These commemorative wall plaques are the perfect memento for unit awards, PCSing soldiers, Military Police retirement gifts, and more.

Each Crossed Pistols wall display comes with a protective felt backing to protect the surface beneath. They arrive fully assembled.

Harper’s Ferry Pistols is the only manufacturer of full-size, non-firing 1805 flintlock pistol replicas in the world. Accept no substitutes.