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Harpers Ferry Commemorative Pistol Special Recognition Awards

Crystal Award w/Glass Base


This 10” x 8” x 5/8” horizontal crystal glass (beveled back) comes with attached crystal base. It features the image of Harpers Ferry Cross Pistols and Military Police Corps Insignia.

This crystal award includes a custom personalization. Subsurface engraving with the NAME, RANK, UNIT/SHIP and DATE of SERVICE information of the Soldier honored. We make these to the customer's specs with up to 5 lines (Note: only 40 characters can be used in each line).

Handling Crystal

Handle crystal with care and your crystal will look great forever.  Crystal is glass and should be treated as such. Care should always be exercised in its handling. To clean, wash with mild soap and warm water. Use a glass cleaner product such as Windex if necessary. Dry with a dust free cloth. The interior of your crystal will always stay pristine and as vibrant as the day you received it.

Sub-surface engraving is permanent, lasting as long as the crystal is intact. Guaranteed never to discolour or fade, you can be sure that your crystal will look exactly the same years later.

Availability: Allow 7-9 business days to have your personalized award completed before your order ships out!

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